The International Racquetball organizes its own tournaments, but also oversees racquetball competitions in a variety of other, larger sporting events. Visit our Events and Rankings to see upcoming events and past event results.

The IRF hosts the following events

World Championships

(held every two years – next in 2018)

Junior World Championships

(held every year – for ages 10 – 18)

Senior World Championships

(held every year – for ages 35 – 90+)

The IRF supports and sanctions the following events

Pan American Racquetball Championships

(held every year, hosted by the Pan American Racquetball Confederation (PARC), and outcomes help to decide the seeding for the Pan American Games)

Asian Racquetball Championships

(held every two years)

The IRF is part of the following events, which are operated by non-racquetball organizations, include multiple sports, and specify which countries are eligible to compete:

1. Bolivarian Games (next in 2017, Colombia)
2. Central American Games (next in 2017, Nicaragua)
3. Central American Caribbean Games (next in 2018, Colombia)
4. South American Games (next in 2018, Bolivia)
5. Pan American Games (next in 2019, Peru)
6. Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) Olympic Festival (date unconfirmed, Mexico)
7. Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) PASO Beach Games (to begin 2019, USA)
8. World Games (next in 2017, but racquetball will be in 2021, USA)