The IRF World Senior Racquetball Championships

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 :: 10:48 PM

The IRF World Senior Doubles is modeled after the WSRC (World Senior Racquetball Championships)which has been held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico  USA since 1985.  In 1989, the IRF placed its mark on the event, and it became the most important fundraiser for the IRF and its 'Olympic Dream' campaign at that time.  Erik Meyer approached me after having participated in the Albuquerque event and asked if I would be interested in holding a 'doubles only' for players over 35 years of age as well.

While using the WSRC theme, the doubles would move annually to locations around the world.

The first WSD was held in Paris, France in 2000.  For some inexplicable reason the next WSD was not helduntil 2007!  Host cities have included:   Hamburg, Germany; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Vancouver, Canada; Dun A Ri, Republic of Ireland; and Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.  The plan for 2012 is to hold the event in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Some envision a grand 'senior' tourney having singles, doubles, and mixed doubles together.

While the concept is great, the reality is that quality of play around the world has improved dramatically over the past decade.  Having three categories of events simultaneously splinters play across age groups.  For those who elect to enter two or three categories, their play becomes compromised over a few days and the chance for injury is heightened.  Having the WSD as a separate tournament allows for a more sensible draw and better competition.  It also brings in new players, allows for world-wide travel, and the opportunity to meet and greet new friends.  Finally, the tourney can be held at locations where a small number of courts exist.



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