I. Basque Country Championship of Racquetball (Doubles) 2023

NEWS from Basque Country:

On July 15th, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports, Racquetball Section, organized the. I Basque Championship of Racquetball (doubles). In April we met to play the singles tournament and this time we played the doubles tournament. We had 8 players: Luis Getxo, Daniel Barrientos, Jesus Carballeira, Tomas Beriashvilli, Andi Erromo, Unai Pérez, Maximo Kulachenok and Egoitz Campo, the organizer.
This time we met again at the San Ignacio Municipal Sports Center in Bilbao, for the simple reason that we have not yet been able to build a racquetball court. However, we are still trying to convince the institutions. In this tournament we played two rounds: semifinals and in the second round we played for 3rd and 4th place and the final.
Egoitz and Luis won their matches easily, proving to be the stronger couple. It is also worth mentioning the match for 3rd and 4th place, where Tomas and Jesus beat Daniel and Máximo by the minimum. It was a tight match of three sets.
For now, our goal is still to build a racquetball court in the Basque Country, or at least to find a court with dimensions similar to the official IRF ones. We will continue to insist and search; let’s see if we reap the fruits of this search.
In December, if all goes well, we will play another tournament, this time it will be more concentrated because we will play a single set, both singles and doubles. We will call it the Villa de Bilbao Racquetball Tournament. Here are the results of the I. Basque Racquetball Championship (Doubles):



Egoitz Campo/ Luis Getxo 2-0 Tomas Berishvilli/Jesus Carballeira (11-4, 11-7)

Unai Pérez/ Andi Erromo 2-0 Maximo Kulachenok/Daniel Barrientos (11-7, 11-9)

3º and 4º 

Tomas Beriashvilli/ Jesus Carballeira 2-1 Maximo K./ Daniel B. (11-9,8-11, 11-9)


Egoitz Campo/Luis Getxo 2-0 Unai Pérez/Andi Erromo (11-1, 11-2)


Classification of the I. Basque Championship of Racquetball (Doubles)

1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country) / Luis Getxo (Basque Country)

2-Unai Pérez (Basque Country) / Andi Erromo (Basque Country)

3-Tomas Beriashvilli (Georgia) / Jesus Carballeira (Basque Country)

4-Maximo Kulachenok (Basque Country) / Daniel Barrientos (Basque Country)