I Basque Country Racquetball Championships Singles 2023

On April 22, the Basque Racquetball Association organized the I Basque Country Racquetball Championship Singles 2023. Eight players participated: Samuel Otero, Daniel Barrientos, Anthony Burgos, Joseba Zubiaurre, Andi Erromo, Jon Ander Gil, Luis Getxo and Egoitz Campo, the organizer. The competition was held at the Polideportivo Municipal de San Ignacio in Bilbao. Three rounds of games were played and then the final.
The next priority objective is to be able to build a Racquetball court in the Basque Country and to get funding from a municipality to finance a full court project. Another avenue we are exploring is to reconvert an already-built facility to make a racquetball court.
In August of this year will be played the I Basque Racquetball Championship Doubles and is working to strengthen the relationship with Racquetball Catalonia to compete together. Here are the results of the I Basque Racquetball Championship. Congratulations to all participants and organizers!


W – Egotiz Campo / Andi Erromo
W – Luis Getxo / Samuel Otero
W – Jon Ander Gil / Daniel Barrientos
W – Joseba Zubiaurre / Antony Burgos
Match for 5th and 6th place
W Samuel Otero / Daniel Barrientos
W Egoitz Campo / Joseba Zubiaurre
W Luis Getxo / Jon Ander Gil
Match for 3rd and 4th place
W Jon Ander Gil / Joseba Zubiaurre
W Egoitz Campo / Luis Getxo

Classification of the Basque Championship (Singles)

1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country)
2-Luis Getxo (Basque Country)
3-Jon Ander Gil (Basque Country)
4-Joseba Zubiaurre (Basque Country)
5-Samuel Otero (Basque Country)
6-Daniel Barrientos (Basque Country)
7-Andi Erromo (Basque Country)